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Never drop your speed square again!

Anyone who has ever done much carpentry or framing knows how frustrating it is to constantly hang on to your speed square due to the triangular shape that never fits in your belt cleanly. Even worse, it will fall out of your belt when you need it most. Not anymore!

The Speed Square Holder provides a perfect solution and will keep your speed square always handy and secure.

Easy in – Easy out … Just slides in and out.

With one hand you can pull it out and re-insert it easily.

So light you’ll never know you added anything to your tool belt.

You can use it multiple places: tool belt, pants, on a pocket, even on a tool or bench.

Comes with clips attached to wear on your right or left hand side.

Perfectly holds a 7″ Speed Square secure in the holder.

100% made in America! www.SpeedSquareHolder.com