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The DIS Group is promoting the use of EZ Square holder product. This product is made in South Carolina.  We at the DIS Group hope to see leaps and bounds made in the products that we promote.

 Why I did not even intend to sell this product. See it all started with a TV show I like to watch.

I, like many of you, was watching This Old House show 5 years ago and saw Tom Silva show off his speed square holder. Thinking to myself “that’s cool”, I looked to see where I could get one. I found out the answer is NOWHERE! I then looked into making my own like I have seen on the web and YouTube and saw some problems right off the bat. They were not well balanced; not locking on to the speed square; not easy to drop into or remove from the holder; the clips did not hook on good; they were heavy and just not what I wanted!

I made it out of square stock aluminum. I made it out of plastic fence post. I made it out of stainless steel. I made it in a 3D printer. Like Thomas A. Edison, I found many ways NOT to make a speed square holder. I got close with the 3D printing approach, but it has it limits as to what it can print and how. It is also very brittle and tends to break.

So I settled on a plastic injection mold. I found a company that was close by and willing to work with me to get it right, it still took 3 tries to wring out the bugs. I got the right material (ABS) and built in the clips, ramps and even a place to hold a spare carpenters pencil. I wanted to have a mold that needed no extra stuff done to it. Now I have my very own SPEED SQUARE, HOLDER. And now I want you to try one. Just goto EZSquareHolder.com for you very own custom EZ square holder.

I do free shipping. Customer Service is Number One Priority!

I’ll try to answer any of your questions. Even on how to build something in the USA.

Yes I am American and yes it is 100% made in the U.S.A. and to that end I offer a lifetime warranty.